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About XMLConf

This project hosts XML related testing efforts, focusing initially on conformance testing. At this writing, it's in the very early stages ... so if there's something you think needs fixing, please help fix it!! It's a good time to join.

Notice that all of this software is under the GPL.

The first testing effort hosted here addresses XML conformance. It includes test harnesses for Java (with SAX/SAX2) and for JavaScript (with DOM/COM). The second such effort is currently in its early stages, and addresses XML Schema conformance.

Other projects discussed include DOM testing, performance measurement, XSLT conformance ... the whole gamut. Basically, if it's an XML related technology and there's enough of a standard API that an automated harness could usefully compare different implementations, it could fit in here.

The intention here is provide a home for open, public, collaborative development of harnesses and test cases for testing XML (and related) processors. It complements the corresponding efforts of W3C, NIST, OASIS, and many others. An introduction to the various XML conformance initiatives may be found on The XML Cover Pages.