Class Consumer

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public class Consumer
extends DomConsumer

Event consumer which constructs DOM documents using the implementation in this package, using SAX2 events. This packages various backdoors into this DOM implementation, as needed to address DOM requirements that can't be met by strictly conforming implementations of DOM.

These requirements all relate to DocumentType nodes and features of that node type. These features are normally not used, because that interface only exposes a subset of the information found in DTDs. More, that subset does not include the most important typing information. For example, it excludes element content models and attribute typing. It does expose some entity management issues, although entity management doesn't relate to document typing.

Note that SAX2 does not expose the literal text of the DTD's internal subset, so it will not be present in DOM trees constructed using this API.

$Date: 2001/06/24 04:12:23 $
David Brownell

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Constructor Summary
          Constructs an unconfigured event consumer.
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Constructor Detail


public Consumer()
         throws SAXException
Constructs an unconfigured event consumer.

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