AElfred2 and SAX2 Utilities
gnu.xml.aelfred2 This package contains Ælfred2, which includes an enhanced SAX2-compatible version of the Ælfred non-validating XML parser, a modular (and hence optional) DTD validating parser, and modular (and hence optional) JAXP glue to those.
gnu.xml.pipeline This package exposes a kind of XML processing pipeline, based on sending SAX events, which can be used as components of application architectures.
gnu.xml.util This package contains XML utilities, including SAX2 XML writers and a parser of DOM trees, plus a command line driver.

DOM2, implementing DOM Level 2
gnu.xml.dom This is a Free Software DOM Level 2 implementation, supporting these features: "XML", "Events", "MutationEvents", "HTMLEvents" (won't generate them though), "UIEvents" (also won't generate them), "USER-Events" (a conformant extension), and "Traversal" (optional; no TreeWalker yet).

SAX and SAX2
org.xml.sax This package provides the core SAX1 and SAX2 APIs.
org.xml.sax.ext This package contains interfaces to optional SAX2 handlers, providing parts of SAX2 which (like the standard feature flags and unlike namespaces) can't be layered over SAX1.
org.xml.sax.helpers This package contains "helper" classes that are used to bootstrap SAX-based applications.

DOM Level 2 (W3C)
org.w3c.dom Contains the core and "XML" feature set of the DOM Level 2 Recommendation.

Java API for XML (v1.1) (Sun)


Source code is GPL'd in the JAXP subproject at
This documentation was derived from that source code on 2001-07-12.