Class XMLReaderFactory


public final class XMLReaderFactory
extends java.lang.Object

Factory for creating an XML reader.

This class contains static methods for creating an XML reader from an explicit class name, or for creating an XML reader based on the value of the org.xml.sax.driver system property:

 try {
   XMLReader myReader = XMLReaderFactory.createXMLReader();
 } catch (SAXException e) {

Note that these methods will not be usable in environments where system properties are not accessible or where the application or applet is not permitted to load classes dynamically.

SAX implementations may replace this class with a different one optimized for the environment, as long as its method signatures remain the same.

SAX 2.0
David Megginson,
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Method Summary
static XMLReader createXMLReader()
          Attempt to create an XML reader.
static XMLReader createXMLReader(java.lang.String className)
          Attempt to create an XML reader from a class name.
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Method Detail


public static XMLReader createXMLReader()
                                 throws SAXException
Attempt to create an XML reader.

This implementation uses the value of the system property "org.xml.sax.driver" as the full name of a Java class and tries to instantiate that class as a SAX2 XMLReader.

If there is no such value, the GNU Ælred2 optionally validating parser is used if possible.

Note that many Java interpreters allow system properties to be specified on the command line.

A new XMLReader.
SAXException - If the value of the "org.xml.sax.driver" system property is null, or if the class cannot be loaded and instantiated.
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public static XMLReader createXMLReader(java.lang.String className)
                                 throws SAXException
Attempt to create an XML reader from a class name.

Given a class name, this method attempts to load and instantiate the class as an XML reader.

A new XML reader.
SAXException - If the class cannot be loaded, instantiated, and cast to XMLReader.
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